In a cone of woes
I summoned myself
After sometime ,
A mild voice of misery
Gradually revealed facts,
Tartness of life, at one side
Rarely found a piece of joy
At the end when i asked,
A soft touch of droplet
Went down to Earth
And lost it’s essence.
Drama is a life,
With distinct features,
Limned images are Fading
When time ends up with story!


Factual poems are always based on verity of life.

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Under the warmth shelter
I Felt an aesthetic pleasure
Grumbling of warm fuzzies
Ruined in few seconds
I was in state of awe,
There was Nothing
Around and behind!
Fingers injured with thorns
Body suffered with hefty stones
Heart faced icky sentiments,
We don’t know the verity of life
Sere minds are in fuss
for what ?
They have nothing to reveal
Just trying to encapsulate,

Wether a situation or events.


Stout potential is baseline

I feel like an intrepid explorer
Sometimes the state of ecstasy
Works as vulnerable creature
Hole at the corner of room,
Is a sign of devastation
I got closer to hole,
Found The box of confer
Fixed with beams of hate
But i hit my mind
By saying,
You should be valiant,
With your ambitions.
These beams are stones
Work as Frustration
But stout potential ruins,
The negatives of camera.


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